Monday Oct 3 – Brian Choper Radio Hour – The Business Of Music

Friday July 22 – Nexus

Friday, July 15 – The Brian Choper Jazz Project with Peter Cannella


Past Events

Thursday, April 28th – The Choper Jazz Project with Peter Cannella, traditional jazz and swing band led by acclaimed drummer Brian Choper with talented singer Peter Cannella whose voice compares to that of Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble’

Saturday, May 7th – Nexus, classic rock, pop and R&B band with exceptional musicians and singers who put on a fabulous show featuring your favorite classic songs and create a great party atmosphere that has audiences rocking all night.

Thursday, May 12th4West, contemporary pop and R&B band with a talented lead singer and excellent instrumentalists who together make anything they perform come alive and put on a show featuring the best in party music.

Saturday, May 21 – TBA

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